Spring is Here!

The annual slog through winter—through the shortest days, through the cold and snow—is over. Winter is a great season, yet here in the northern Temperate Zone we tend to tire of winter far more than we ever do of any other season. Wintery weather often hits before the season starts, and we enjoy it at the beginning because the temperatures are cold but mild and the promise of the Christmas Season brings thoughts of sharing the Holiday Season with friends and loved ones, of perhaps a week or two off work or school, and of course the excitement of New Years.

Once the Holidays are past us, though, we find the short daylight hours and extreme cold of January to be a challenge. Many of us ask “when will this end?” Many of us dream of or take vacations to warmer climes as a way to escape the depths of winter.

Now that the calendar has rolled around to Spring in the Northern hemisphere, we look forward to melting snow and the annual renewal of all that is green.

Back at Christmas time, we sat for photos to mark the happiness of the season. Myself, I spent six weeks immersed in the joyful annual tradition of Santa Claus photos. I snapped photos as thousands of families passed through Santa’s Kingdom at a local shopping mall. I revelled in the joy felt by all—even families of young children who cried through the entire session were joyful to be capturing the memory of their child’s visit with Santa Claus.

Now, a new season is upon us and it is time to add to your family’s photo collection with celebrations of Spring. The grass will be green, plants will be growing, flowers budding, and the sun will be shining. Days that last fall would have felt cool—after the heat of summer—will feel hot after the cold of winter. We’ll want to wear a t-shirt, shorts, and go sock-free or even barefoot when we know it’s a little too cool, but it’s too pleasant to ignore the arrival of Spring, the season of renewal.


Spring is the perfect time for a new family portrait or a lifestyle photo session.

In a portrait you capture the new year that really comes into its own now that we feel the rush of Spring, the call of the outdoors, and the annual miracle of growth. A portrait will capture the changes your family has been through over the winter: your children have grown, your family may have grown in numbers with the birth of a new baby, you’re all a little older and wiser, and you’re all beaming with the natural ebullience of Spring. It is an inevitably happy season as the sun draws us out from our winter hiding places.

A family lifestyle session captures the activities you return to, the family Spring traditions, the weekends at the cottage as you open it and prepare for the lazy weekends of summer, the planting of your garden, reconnecting with summer sports as they begin again with Spring, and the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle again. There are many great occasions that are part of your family’s Spring routine that make for wonderful memories when captured in a photo.

Robert Pearson Photography offers packages for family portraits and family lifestyle days to help you capture and keep alive the memories of Spring.

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