The Ogre

Last night I shot an event that was nothing more than a “labour of love.”

For the second year in a row, I shot photos of my son in his role in a local high school musical–last year it was Beauty and the Beast, this year it was Shrek the Musical. Last year he had the role of Gaston; this year he was Shrek.

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I realize as I shoot an event like this, with my focus quite literally on my son, that I’m not the only one in the audience who would love to have photos of their son or daughter on stage.

Yes, the memories will last for a long time without the photos; yet the photos will evoke a stronger recollection of the wonder of the evening, the intense pride (if my feelings are an indicator) parents feel when they see their son or daughter on stage.

Among my aims as a photographer, offering my services to my community, is preserving these memories, capturing your sons or and daughters as they perform in school plays, sports events, or give a speech, or for the younger children, simply ride their bicycle–sans training wheels for the first time–down the street as part of your regular Saturday afternoon bike ride.


My photography is about giving you the photos you want, capturing the memories you want to preserve–the visual triggers that will always take you right back to the great moment–while letting you live in the moment rather than stand by to take photos with your smart phone.

Whether it’s that first bike ride, or it’s your Ogre singing his heart on on a high school stage, Robert Pearson Photography has you covered.

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