First Client

My home studio had its first client yesterday, for a headshot.


The great thing for a headshot client is the efficiency of a session; yesterday’s shoot took less than ten minutes. I offer up to 30 minutes, which affords time for both clothing and background changes.

As I have written about in a previous post, the importance of a good first impression with your profile photo is very high. When you’re using your LinkedIn profile, or you include a photo with your resume, in application to a new job, you need to make that positive first impression in less than half a second. The same goes for your business website and the photo you post on your “about us” page. The busy, internet-driven world of being able to search for anything and have results in fractions of a second means most people are accustomed to making quarter-second decisions when viewing online information.

Why risk being overlooked because you either have no profile photo, or you’re using one from last summer on the beach? Give yourself an advantage with a professionally shot profile photo; get your application, proposal, and business profile to the top of the pile.

Robert Pearson Photography offers professional profile photos for a reasonable price, with quick turn-around. You can leave our studio with your photo on a memory key or have it waiting in your inbox when you get home. The service gives you up to 30 minutes in front of the camera, with a wardrobe change or two if you have time, and delivered images processed for both print and online networking.

Book your session today!


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