When Nature Gives You a Gift…

While I am focusing my effort to earn income from photography on corporate–products, venues and services, events, and profiles–as well as personal and family photos, when Mother Nature offers up a visual feast I find the urge to start shooting rather irresistible; it’s a gift I just have to accept.

This week the weather in and around my home of Pointe-Claire, QC, has been quite wintry and unbecoming to the third week of spring. Over the last few days we’ve been assaulted by some pretty high winds, and yesterday (April 5) woke to sub-zero temperatures that combined with the wind to make it feel as cold as -20°C. Along the shores of the widening of the Fleuve St-Laurent known as Lac St-Louis, Pointe-Claire–and other municipalities along the lake–can be hit hard when the wind blows.

With the temperature well below freezing overnight and into the day, the spray of waves crashing to shore created a visual feast of trees, shrubs, rocks, and even park benches all sheathed in ice.

While it was a bright, sunny day, the photos also look much more presentable in Black & White. The lake being as roiled up as it was, the water had a murky brownish-green quality to it that left the colour images a bit flat.

It’s interesting, too, that not long ago I was reflecting on the spectacle of the 1998 Ice Storm and the compulsion to take photographs of the storm’s devastation in Kingston, Ontario, where I resided at the time. Without a doubt, and even risking it being a bit clichéd, it’s clear that a good coating of solid water can be the icing on the cake for turning an otherwise bleak winter’s day into a spectacle.

Thank you for reading.


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