Surf’s Up!

It has been several months since my last entry. I have spent my time packing, moving, and looking for work–and cycling, a LOT of cycling (6000 km since July 1, 2018).

Photography has been good to me here so far, at least from the get-out-and-shoot point-of-view; my new home has presented me with many photo opportunities.

I spoke to the fellow in the surfing photo as he was getting his board out of his SUV, he was so excited about the prospect of hitting the waves that he later remarked that he hoped he hadn’t seemed rude. But, of course, enthusiasm is easy to spot. That afternoon, easterly winds–strong easterly winds–turned the waves off the Port Stanley Pier into something clearly surf-worthy as there were a dozen folks on the water riding the waves.

I had simply ventured out looking for interesting shots of waves since I knew that in some weather Lake Erie can be quite spectacular.

Over the last few months I have also had the opportunity to photograph Canada Day fireworks, the local summer festival’s Boat Parade, some gorgeous sunsets, a busker with fire wands and LED hula hoops, as well as a couple of bicycle races.


Naturally, the work I am doing in schools is not for display here, but it has presented a new experience as well, as we’re shooting with green-screen backdrops so that the students and their families will be able to choose a digitally-placed background from a gallery of options.

The real enjoyment of the school photography work is interacting with so many people–students and staff–and striving to give them the best possible results.

There is more news to come this fall, so please “stay tuned” and keep reading my blog!

Thanks for reading today!


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